"An Italian Excellence in the Electronics Industry"

You may request our technical advice, Grimaldi’s staff is only glad to assist you!

Our Certifications

Since the sixties Grimaldi Systems embodies quality and reliability. The company operates in the electronics field and boasts the best certifications in line with the current market.

H24 Assistance and Follow up

Grimaldi Systems is available h24 to answer all clients’ queries and solve any occurring problem, offering its customers the maximum support and security always.

Technical Support

Thanks to a team of technicians specialized in this sector, Grimaldi Systems is capable of offering the best technical support and can intervene as quickly as possible to solve any emergency at every level.

Advice and Designing

Grimaldi Systems provides its clients with an accurate and efficient consultancy service answering all their queries and engaging in every aspect of the system’s realization process, from the design phase to the installation stage, and in line with the latest European safety rules.

Innovative Technology

Grimaldi Systems delivers tailor made products in order to always meet its client’s needs, using cutting- edge technologies and complying with all the regulations in force.

Qualified Staff

Grimaldi Systems includes a team of professionals, i.e. highly specialized staff who is constantly improving its performances throughout an efficient ongoing training program in order to keep updated with the latest innovations in the electronics field.

Audiovisual Equipment

We offer the supply, rental and setting up of audiovisual equipment: the realization of conference rooms “turnkey” and videoconference systems and the automation of teaching presentations.

Security Systems

We are dealing with the supply, rental and setting up of civil and industrial security installations, digital direction for effective audio/video control with events’ centralization, closed-circuit television footages, automation and access and presence control.

Our Core Business

Grimaldi Systems designs, realizes, installs and hires civil and industrial security systems: state of the art alarm and surveillance systems. Moreover, our well-tested Team is taking care of the supply, execution and delivery of carpentry and precision mechanics works. Grimaldi also realizes VOIP and WI FI networks, wiring and switches and telephone cable systems.

Finally, Grimaldi Systems focuses on audio/visual rental, deals with the realization of conference rooms “turnkey” and videoconference systems and sets up Powerpoint academic presentations too.

Operational & Logistical Headquarters

Grimaldi Systems Operational Headquarter covers a surface of 750 sqm while its uncovered area is 3.000 sqm. All hiring equipment is stored in our headquarters; our experienced technicians configure the selected products and get the latter ready for the installation of the security systems, all these operations are taking place inside our dedicated technical offices. Our company is divided into 3 departments, each one being managed by competent and efficient staff.

  • Technical Department
  • Admin Office
  • Warehouse

About us

Grimaldi Systems has been working in the electronics industry for over 60 years. Our firm employs highly qualified staff and our inner policy contemplates in-house ongoing training and refresher courses by the producers’ sites. We are proud of offering consultancy and design services as well as the supply and rental of security systems that are made using only the most advanced technologies available on the market.

  • Security
  • Protection
  • Reliability

60 Years of Experience in the Electronics Industry