Installation, Hiring and Maintenance of Audiovisual Systems

Our company deals with audiovisual systems’ rental, supply and installation. We install audiovisual equipment for conference rooms, shows and various events, all “turnkey solutions”, and cater for videoconferencing systems and automations for educational presentations. We differ in many aspects from our competitors thanks to our unique business, a consolidated reputation in the market and a long-lasting trust that was built throughout the years and are able to stand out in the electronics industry thanks to our high-quality components that are always adhering to the current regulations on the matter and also thanks to a punctual, precise and efficient service. Our qualified and specialized technicians are able to accomplish diverse projects planning carefully all the events and perfectly arranging all the necessary equipment in order to create those desired effects. All our projects are monitored from the beginning until the end, thus respecting all the guidelines outlined in the first place with the client. We cater for the following venues: “Lucca Comics & Games”, “The Festival of the Mind” and the event “Dialogues over man”.

  • Innovative Technology

    Our systems are realized according to our client’s needs and utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

  • High Quality Standards

    All the products and systems installed by Grimaldi Systems comply with the official regulations and adhere to all standards of quality.

  • Targeted Consultancy Programs

    Before realizing any system Grimaldi Systems engages itself in careful planning and designing, profusely advising all its clients so that the latter can make the right choice at every stage of the process.

  • Assistance, Technical Support and Follow up

    Grimaldi Systems provides all its clients with the services of full assistance, constant technical support and follow up. In fact our company engages with the client well after the completion of the installation itself offering its expertise in order to further check the correct functioning of the new system installed by its experts.